Stone Restoration in Sydney

” imagined a better way…restoration by sandstone experts in Sydney. With the help of sandstone and marble experts, we are able to restore our natural stone surfaces in Sydney’s Central Business District, which has been badly damaged by storm water, tree leaves and other debris. Imagine your stone/marble surfaces looking brand new again. We can make it a reality.” This is how one property restoration company in Sydney, Australia starts their clients’ dream of having a beautiful stone surfaces that look as if they were brand new.

Our restoration services focus on natural stone including granite, marble, limestone, travertine, sandstone, and quartz. Natural stone polishing and restoration take many forms. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques for the removal of oxidized stains and contaminants from the stone surface, as well as buffing to bring out the luster and natural beauty. With a unique combination of cleaning chemicals, polishing powders and detailing compounds, we are able to restore dull and dingy or stained natural stone surfaces to like-new.

To make sure that all stone surfaces are restored to their original luster and color, we also polish the stone surfaces with an electro-static charge. It helps remove surface contaminants and enhances the luster and color of the surface, as well as removing yellows and silvers from the surface. This process is performed after cleaning and buffing the stone surfaces. Some of the most common natural stone restoration services include stone polishing, stone restoration in Sydney, marble repair and granite sealing. We offer natural stone restoration services to clients throughout the country.

Australian Tile and Stone Restoration