Limestone Landscaping

Modern Trends in Pool Landscaping with Limestone Paving

Seemingly gone are the days of typical, traditionally shaped swimming pools – over the past few years, more and more home owners have been searching for unique, exciting ways to introduce these luxury water features to their gardens and properties. Modern trends in pool landscaping have shifted more toward elegant stonework in materials such as limestone and trapetine, UV resistant materials and a variety of features that really add a little extra exclusivity to a swimming pool.

What was Traditionally Used?

Years ago, the majority of people opted for materials that prioritised functionality over appearance. As a result, many pool areas were designed in a similar vein; with concrete walls covered by a fibreglass coating and then finished with some form of PVC. Although functional, it should come as no surprise to learn that plenty of home owners found themselves wanting a little more aesthetic appeal to their pools.

Which Modern Materials are Available?

These days, and thanks in no small part to the evolution of synthetic materials, alloys, hybrid composites and the more widespread adoption of ancient building materials like limestone; it can now be possible to achieve for a home renovation and additions to achieve an overall look that emanates style, luxury and class, whilst retaining the durability and longevity of more traditional solutions. It is now possible to source a wide variety of materials that are as water resistant as they are resilient to the sun – before combining them to create unique appearances that retain their functionality (and in many cases surpass older variants).

What Are Some Modern Trends?

In the past, many older pool designs boasted stonework that was fabricated from a mix of concrete and adhesive compounds. This allows the flooring to perform well for years, but often lacked the potential to be coloured. Yellows, creams and off-whites were the most common shade and anything with a higher level of pigment would typically fade over time. Additionally the trend towards glass fencing and temporary fencing systems to meet pool safety requirements is a big thing in Australia in 2020.

Nowadays, one of the most popular trends relates to the use of natural limestone instead of man-made solutions; but whereby the stone is treated with advanced resins during manufacture to retain colour and appearance. One especially popular style of rock is known as flagstone – and it involves the use of large slabs of limestone that are cut and positioned to fit near-perfectly.

To finish the stones and protect them from the elements, the combination of being able to absorb resin during the manufacture of certain types, as well as an external coating of absorptive wax can allow the colours to maintain their natural hue for years – if not decades.

When paired with another popular style whereby palm trees and ferns are used around the swimming area, the final finish can boast a blend of modern and traditional aesthetics to suit a variety of preferences. Here’s a summary of some of the most popular modern trends:

  • Flagstones using natural rock like limestone
  • Palm trees and evergreens
  • Subtle finishes, providing a durable coat without detracting from appearance
  • Above-ground pools, complete with steps and diving boards

These are just a handful of the latest trends and by working with a specialist swimming pool design agency, you could conceptualise your ideal layout.

Natural Limestone Finish Around Minimalist Pool